Behind the Sparkles

Sparkles, A jewelry brand that was born out of love and nostalgia to a time where everything was more colorful, extravagant and above all glamours -
The eighties!


Gal Pollak, Ex-Journalist, stepped out of her comfort zone to study 3D modeling, graphic design and plastics. During that time she created the ring she has always wanted, and the rest is history (of a few decades back).

Although she grew up in the 90's, the pop culture she draws her inspiration from belongs to the previous decade.

All of the hand made jewelery, named after 80s' icons, are made of brass,

Plated with gold and Antique Silver, crystals by Swarovski and Preciosa.

The endless combinations possible involving said materials, give the freedom to dare and be as colorful as it might get.