Behind the Sparkles

Sparkles, A jewelry brand that was born out of love and nostalgia to a time where everything was more colourful, extravagant and above all glamours -


Gal Pollak, Ex-Journalist, stepped out of her comfort zone to study 3D modelling, graphic design and plastics. During that time she created the ring she has always wanted, and the rest is history (of a few decades back).

Sparkles N’ Crap is a brand combining a world of pop culture references, mix of materials and colours.

The search and use of new materials (such as Brass, Swarovski crystals, Epoxy, PVC, Clay, Resin, Vintage charms) are just a small part of a never ending creative world that by combining  them together is what makes every item in Sparkles N’ Crap uniq and one of a kind.



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